Security cameras are electronic devices that are used to monitor and record activity in a given area. They are commonly used in homes, businesses, and other settings to provide surveillance and security. Some key features of security cameras include: 1. Motion detection 2. Remote viewing 3. Night vision 4. Audio recording 5. Tamper-resistant design

Security cameras will work without internet, but some features such as remote viewing and cloud storage may not be available without a connection to the internet.

There is usually a main hub or wifi router that security camera installation technicians deploys and you need to make sure that your camera is with in the correct range of 150 feet to 500 feet

Storage space on your system is affected by several factors; the size of the hard drive, the number of cameras, the quality of the camera’s recording ability, whether the cameras record on a 24 hour loop or just when triggered by motion detection.

Yes. When the storage limit is reached, it will begin to automatically delete existing recordings, starting with the oldest.

Due to privacy laws that differ state to state, security cameras do not come standard with audio recording capabilities. However, cameras with audio can be installed by special request.

The red light on a security camera indicates that the camera is on and is recording. The red light blinks on some security cameras, but this is perfectly normal.

Upon installation when you see a blue light it means that you're now ready for the WiFi protected setup.

Modern security cameras are made to work in low light conditions, however they do require some light either direct or ambient to ensure a quality picture. The more light, the better the quality of the picture.

Security cameras do not have a flash. Today’s cameras use infra-red to record in low light conditions.


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